My Cannonball adventure

My Cannonball adventure
Meet "Effie" our 1915 Harley-Davidson Twin 3 speed

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Bike is in pieces

Talked to Steve Huntzinger, who is working on my bike. He has it all apart and says the motor looks really good, besides the some normal wear. He's going to put some new bearings in the trans, but it looks good too. The rear wheel bearings were pretty worn out, so he will replace them. The front end was tweaked and Steve was able to straighten the forks. The headstock, of all things was on backwards! Which caused the front end to be kicked out 3/4 of an inch. No wonder it rode so smooth! lol He corrected that and will put it on right. I think the thing about working on these old bikes is that people often took them apart and didn't put them back together right. (That's what digital cameras are for!)

Steve us also going to put a newer seat on the bike for me. The old one is pretty hard. Steve says this will help prevent what he calls "Serious Monkey Butt Syndrome"! What ever that is.. I have a weird vision in my head of that! Ugh...
Maybe I can get a gel seat to out over it and a sheepskin over that? Hmmm... lots to think about before next September. 6 months from now I'll be out there doin' the ride!

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