My Cannonball adventure

My Cannonball adventure
Meet "Effie" our 1915 Harley-Davidson Twin 3 speed

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No more smoke!

Feb. 2nd, 2010

Got the bike running again. Figured out it was probably the carb adjustment. Wasn’t getting enough gas. As soon as we backed the jet out it started right up. Lots to getting to know this bike. We’re getting there though. After having the carb apart and together so many times now I’m getting to know it like an old friend. Also figured out we should have drained the oil in the crank case. Maybe that’s why it’s been smoking more than it probably should? Duh! The outside rockers have to be hand oiled every so often and that in itself causes loads of smoke. Drained the old oil from the crank case. It was black but didn’t have any weird chunks in it anyway.
Sure enough, we started the bike and it didn’t smoke as much as before. Ran pretty good too. This motor sounds so strong and it runs good.

Took a few runs up and down the driveway. Still in 1st gear, but I was a bit more used to it than the last time. I stopped using the foot clutch and began to learn to use the clutch lever that comes up the left side of the motor. This way I can put my right foot on the brake if I’m on a hill and be able to put my left foot on the ground. It works good, but I still need lots of seat time on this bike before I head to Kitty Hawk.

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